Monday, June 21, 2010

What color of mascara for blue eyes?

Brown? Brown black? Black?What color of mascara for blue eyes?
It depends on your hair color. If your hair is brown, I would go with a brown mascara. If it is dark brown to black I would use a Brown-black color mascara. If you use those dark colors around your eyes it will really bring out your eye color.What color of mascara for blue eyes?
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Blue mascara will really make the blue stand out. But I'd go for the brown-black of the choices you gave me.
avoid mascara, as it is the tool of 'common' women. Lots of microbes too.
black or white would look cool
Black or black brown
If you are going for a natural look, go with the brown black. if you are going to an evening look go with the black.
It depends on your skin tone. I have fair skin and blue eyes and wear brown as its not as harsh as black.
I have blue eyes and fair skin and have always been told to use brown-black.
i use black with white eyeshowdow it makes my eyes really stand out!
avoid blues with blue eyes. That almay eyeshadow for blue eyes is an exception b/c ur only using blue in your crease the rest is brown but i would say use black gives ur eyes that little umph
Black will make a wonderful contrast. Brown makes a difference only if your lashes are very fair. Brown black is a softer version for the daytime. Take your pick.
Blue eyes look best with brown mascara.
brown. browns are also your best bet for eye shaddow as well, they really make blue eyes stand out
I would say all are fine. I use both brown and black. And you should try and decide what suits you best. Change is always good so buy all 3.
Black. Paint ur entire face Black with mascara.
brown mascara and bronze color eye shades :)and don' t buy these mascaras that make lashes look huge and artificial. i thing that blue eyes would appreciate prolonging mascara but not too thick and too black.
depends really. i would say that all would work fine. if you want an understated look then the brown will do. if you want definition but not dramatic lashes then go with the brown black. and if u want your eyes to pop/ draw attention to them then black will do it.
black is cool anydya, blue is nice as well

blue eyeliner is awesome.
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