Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A good mascara or eyelash conditioner?

I was wondering if there is a special mascara or eyelash conditioner that is good for your eyelashes? I've been wearing mascara everyday for 2 years and i'm scared sooner of later they will fall out. Can anyone help?

and please don't tell me not to wear mascara because it gives a natural look and i hate eyeliner.A good mascara or eyelash conditioner?
i have neutrogena healthy volume mascara.

i LOVE this. when i use it i get no clumps and it doesn't flake off during the day. i wish they had waterproof though so i could wear it when i swim good mascara or eyelash conditioner?
Well apparently maybelline great lash conditions your lashes, and acts as a mascara as well.

I've heard you can also put a bit of vaseline on your eyelashes everynight before you go to bed to strengthen them.

I don't know for sure, but you can try it :)
Diorshow is the best mascara out there and is worth the money. As far as your eyelashes falling out, they do that anyway but they do grow back.鈥?/a>
i would look at maybelline great lash because it conditions as it lengthens

Where can i get bee lucious XL mascara?

i went to the website but i dont wanna order it. what store can i get it at?Where can i get bee lucious XL mascara?
Go to your local Dillards and ask them if they have it? Have you asked at Sephora? Demand they get it for you.

What mascara does everyone use ?

just wondering what mascara does everyne use in the u.k and which one is good and worth the money ?What mascara does everyone use ?

Beautiful stuff... cant live without it!

Worth the 拢10 you have to spend! ( and im stingy with my money ) lol

:)What mascara does everyone use ?
Volume glamour mascara or volume clubbing mascara both from Bourjois. I buy them at when I run out. The clubbing mascara is great if your going out all night and sweating because it does not run or look flat after you wear it. I love it.
I'm not in the UK but I use Clinique High Impact

mascara and I love it!
the one from the little tube. The name escapes me.
Great lash

Is there any way to get black mascara off w/out eye makeup remover?

My eyes are sensitive, i like waterproof mascara, but when i try to get it off with eye makeup remover (even the ones for sensitive eyes) it makes my eyelids sting. Does anyone know anything else i could use to get it off?Is there any way to get black mascara off w/out eye makeup remover?
You can take it off with lotion, or cleanser, when you wash your face. But you could also try using the make up remover, but instead of rubbing it on your eyelid to take it off fold up the wipe and brush it against your eyelashes only.Is there any way to get black mascara off w/out eye makeup remover?
It might not be good for your sensitive eyes but an effective way is to use soap, warm water and a lot of scrubbing with a facecloth.

Personally though I reckon you're better off with the makeup remover.
Yes. My favorite way is to grab like 6 bottles of lotion when i stay at a hotel and use that. If you can't do that, just take normal unscented lotion (even if it says do not apply to face or around eyes, you still do) your mascara will come off and it will feel so amazing.
Vaseline. I apply it and let it sit for 1 min or 2. Wipes right off.
I use a mixture of olive oil and castor oil to get my mascara off and all of my makeup off
Baby oil. It works. and it conditions the skin . just don't scrub it, soak a cotton pad in baby oil, shut your eye and hold the pad on it for a minute. Then start wiping in a downward motion GENTLY. It works very well and conditions the delicate skin around your eye. Just remember to always be gentle on that skin and your eyelids. you will thank me when you're 40 lol.
lots of water...just keep rubbing your eyes with water. it eventually comes off
I just use soap and water and then use some vasiline to wipe off the rst but it still does not come of completely, just dont ever use water proof mascara if you dont want a real chalange.
you can use water usually, but makeup remover is the best way
You can use sensitive baby wipes to remove makeup as easily as anything else. They're specially formulated for use on sensitive skin, and they have a gentle soap in them. Gently wipe your makeup off with one. It's very effective, and you don't get greasy lotion or vaseline all over your eyes.
i dont know about mascara, but lotion is a great alternative to makeup remover.
Why do you wear mascara in the first place?

I sat next to a girl yesterday in class, and I noticed that she had tons of gloppy mascara on. It looked horrible!
vaseline works amazingly! JUst take a shower (with your make-up on) and let all of it run down your face or whatever. Then put vaseline on the areas where the make-up has run off, and wipe it off. It comes off really well! You can also use lotion, but it's a bt less effective.
There ain't no other comfortable way.

Just don't wear waterproof mascara. Then you can take it off with just soap.
try a gentle eyemakeup remover, because that takes off the makeup the best. Anything else will be too rough on your skin..
i heard vasaline works
i use lotion, but i dont know if youd be too sensitive to that?
baby oil on a q-tip.
Pond's Cold Cream. I've used it for years, and I, too, have sensitive eyes. Just be sure to use really soft tissue to wipe it off with.

What mascara works really good?

I've been using Covergirl Lashblast mascara for awhile now and I want to try some other mascaras. What are some mascaras that work really good?

Thank you:).What mascara works really good?
i was gonna say covergirl lash blast, but i also recommend covergirl exact eyelights, i use both of them and they're my favorite :)What mascara works really good?
Definitely Lash Stiletto! :] It clumps a little if you put to much on, and I don't love the brush, but it really really works :D Hope this helps. Can anyone try to answer mine please :]
Lash Stiletto :)

answer mine?;鈥?/a>
idk the orange lash blast works really goood
the victoria's secret mascara works wonders for me.
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  • Is mascara really made of bat poo?

    My older sisters friends said it was, and I am absolutely disgusted. Is it true, and if not what is it made of?Is mascara really made of bat poo?
    No, it is not made for the bat's manure. It is insane.

    It made three different kinds of ingredients...

    Read this article and it is interesting...Is mascara really made of bat poo?
    give me a break!!! read the ingredients on the packaging or ask your beauty adviser. There is no bat crap or any other kind of animal crap in your mascara
    hehe no

    It's made up of a bunch of chemicals. It says so on the packaging it comes in.
    No. Your sister's friends are mistaken! It is made up of numerous chemicals...none of which come out of a bat's ***!
    of course not, it's a big NO, NO.. bat poos emits sulfur dioxide that is very dangerous when mixed with other chemicals that cause blindness
    hahahaha....they are teasing you...don't you think there are people out there getting paid to search and bottle bat poop??

    It's made out of chemicals...
    Yes. Now apply it to your face. you'll get batocerebulatis cancer if you use it too often or it gets in your eye.
    Wow, she must have a lot of fun at your expense, seeing as you are so incredibly gullible! lol, the answer is no, of course not.
    hmm... i never heard that before
    LOL No its not made of bat crap....if u want to know what it is made off look on the will tell you! chill bat crap IS NOT MASCARA~
    lol, if it is i have bat poo on my eyes at the moment.hehe

    no sweetie i think she is joking.
    obviously not, not only is that unhygenic but also stupid
    you're giving blondes a bad name......
    no, but if it is true nobody would actually wears mascara.
    I do not know if mascara is made of bat's poo, but I know a whale's vomit is very precious to fragrance/perfume maker. It contains certain chemical which is the best to make perfume. But whales don't vomit often, which makes their vomits very valuable. I have come across from the news that these vomits can be sold off for a few hundred thousand $$.
    Of course. That's why people say that women ';bat'; their eyes.


    just kidding!

    I've never heard the bat poo theory... I once heard that mascara was made with crushed bugs, however...


    Is it better to put on your mascara before you curl your lashes or after you curl them?

    i usually put mascara on before, that way you don't have to worry about having to re-curl them if they go straight while you are applying mascara.Is it better to put on your mascara before you curl your lashes or after you curl them?
    you should put mascara on after you curl your eye lashes. that way the make up doesn't come off, plus it's not as easy to curl them after they already have mascara on them.Is it better to put on your mascara before you curl your lashes or after you curl them?
    before mascara bc it will make ur lashes will break off

    Wanna try answering my friend's question? 10 points for best answer;鈥?/a>
    afterrr, b/c thats the way your supposed to do it.


    1. curl.

    2. mascara.
    after cuzz it darkens them and clumps
    u should curl then apply mascara.. if you put on mascara first, it makes your eyelashes sticky and if they get stuck in the curler, they could get pulled out ((ouch!!!))

    curl your lashes first, otherwise your mascara will stick to your lash curler.

    also, if you heat your eyelash curler with your blowdryer first, it will help them curl.
    Definately after.

    If you do it increased the risk of breaking them off.
    after, curling with mascara on will make them clump together

    omg! one time i did it before and it pulled out my eye lashes!! =[

    hah it sucked.

    you dont wanna do that

    and u wont take the mascara with you.
    I do it after a thin coat. I think it stays more that way, then i add more mascara.

    my mom always told me to do it before though, claiming i will rip my eye lashes out..

    that has never happnened to me tho.
    after because if you curl them with the mascara already dried on , it can break your lashes and sometimes rip them off.
    Definetely after. It makes it easier to apply and it saves time.
    Curl them first.. then apply the mascara..This way they don't get stuck together and you wont have the ';tarantula look';

    u know what i mean?..................

    Tip- to help separate your eyelashes while applying the mascara AFTER you curled the eyelashes turn the blow drier on COOL and LOW don't point the air directly into your eye but keep it close enough (your comfort level) and this blows the lashes upright and really helps! :O) They look so pretty and don't come out clumpy :O)
    I would always curl them b4 i put mascara on, bcuz u get mascara on the curler, or u completely clump ur lashes 2gether.
    Curl first otherwise the mascara could clump or even cause lashes to break (egad!)
    I suggest after becuase if you do it before you'll rip your eye lashes of you lid not all at once of course lol but still you'll pull them off.
    i prefer to curl them after i put on the mascara, and then put on an extra coat to hold them there. although, it can pinch and lately i've been curling them before i put the mascara on.

    also, if you curl them after you've put the mascara on already it'll get mascara all over your curler %26amp; you'll have to clean it off more which is annoying.

    so, either way.

    whatever floats your boat.
    what i do is curl mascara and then curl again then i touch it up with mascara it usually stays through out the whole day.

    hope this helped :]
    After, because then your mascara gets on your curler.
    Noo! never put mascara on first! it will make your lashes clump!! Curl them by pumping your curler 3 times on each eye and them apply mascara. I find it best to apply 2 or 3 coats of mascara for a more dramatic look.
    after you curl them. that way you don't take off the mascara with it
    curling your eye lashes is bad as it is, but NEVER CURL THEM WHEN YOU HAVE MASCARA ON.

    it causes them to break off
    Definitely before. Otherwise your mascara may get clumpy if you do it after
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