Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does eyeliner and mascara make you look prettier?

yesterday i saw my best friend without wearing any eye makeup(eyeliner and mascara) and i must she looks really different....she doesn't look as pretty to me and doesn't look thesame. and i'm wondering if it's just me or maybe eye makeup makes you look prettier?Does eyeliner and mascara make you look prettier?
Actually, it really depends on the person and how much they put on. I know tons of women that are utterly pretty, but when they put that mess on, it ends up making them look cheap and what not. So, honestly, it depends.Does eyeliner and mascara make you look prettier?
Yes, it does make you LOOK pretty.

On the outside, not from the inside.

It'll probably make guys look at you more if you do, but remember, that just because a girl look pretty doesn't mean she's a good person inside.

It doesn't change the real you and really shouldn't, but it's totally your choice if you choose to wear it.

Actually, any makeup will usually make someone look different if not prettier.

I say you give it a go but don't over-do it, as it may seem like you're trying too hard.

Good luck! =]
I wouldn't necessarily say that it makes a person look is used to accentuate your features. What eyeliner does it defines the eye so that others are drawn to them..and mascara makes your eye look open and alert
hmmm yeah i think that can be it.. you know, when you get use to seeing someone with make up and then you see them without, you can REALLY see a difference! especially when its dark make up like mascara and eyeliner.
it all depends on the people observing the person with or without makeup. Makeup essentially makes people more confident which makes them prettier IMO.
It depends on how it's worn, but when some of my friends don't wear make up they don't look so great and then some of my other friends look fine with out it.
that is that point of it isnt it? lol

yea it does make most people look prettier
i guess it does, basically they're ment to bring out your eyes and highlight your eyes.

that's why you wear makeup, to look prettier.

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